March 17, 2018

cherry blossoms bloomed

09:27 Tokuko: No, but it's cold. I'm waiting for the transfer.

09:28 Meri: Really? So I put on my sweater. It looks like it will be cold again next week

09:30 Tokuko: Our bonsai cherry blossoms have bloomed quite a bit. The one near the company is almost in full bloom.

09:30 Meri: Yes. You were early!

09:31 Tokuko: That's the kind.

09:32 Meri: It's not someiyoshino. the color is dark

09:34 Tokuko: Two shawl kits are coming out today.

09:34 Meri: Yes.

09:34 Tokuko: I did that job yesterday. I.

09:35 Meri: what kit

09:37 Tokuko: Striped one and Knitting for olive one.

09:37 Tokuko: Samples have arrived! It's cute.

09:37 Meri: Oh yeah. I'm looking forward to it

09:38 Meri: I chose the pattern and the colors a long time ago

09:39 Tokuko: I always work ahead.

09:39 Meri: I prefer magazines now...

09:40 Tokuko: That's right. We are going to get most of our work done today so that we have time for next week.

09:40 Meri: I'll do my best