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March 15, 2018

09:48 Meri: Just left the house. I'm shooting again today

09:50 Tokuko: I'm going to Starbucks now, so wait a minute.

09:54 Tokuko: Yes please. I went to work without a coat today.

09:55 Tokuko: Yesterday's shoot was warm too.

09:56 Meri: Arrived at the station. I've been wearing a coat light guy

09:57 Tokuko: It was the 16th issue, right? Finished safely for the time being. good job for today.

09:57 Meri: Not yet

09:58 Meri: Almost done though

09:58 Meri: Tokuko-san is in charge of feeding everyone and cheering them up.

09:59 Tokuko: Yes. Then iron and encourage the model.

09:59 Meri: Oh yeah. It's done!

10:00 Tokuko: I'll leave it to you. I am also entering the final confirmation of the pattern from today.

10:00 Meri: I really wonder what happens every time, but I always get good pictures

10:01 Meri: It's long from here

10:01 Tokuko: That's long. Presbyopia is likely to progress again.

10:07 Meri: I'd like to have some slack so I don't strain my eyes too much

10:08 Tokuko: Good luck.

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