March 15, 2018

coffee morning

09:19 Meri : Sorry, I didn't realize it late because I was charging my phone in the bedroom

09:20 Meri : One of the iPhone cables at home was bitten by an infant and was damaged, and I couldn't charge it in the living room.

09:21 Tokuko : You were still the same as a cat. It is important to hide the cables anyway.

09:22 Meri : Every morning, when my husband leaves the bed, I jump up and rush to the cable.

09:23 Tokuko : Do ​​you like cables that much? You have to hide it until you forget the fun.

09:24 Meri : Yes.

09:24 Meri : I started this morning with coffee from Fifteen Coffee Roaster . I am happy to be able to handle

09:25 Tokuko : The next step is to expand into coffee.

09:25 Meri : Long-awaited!

09:26 Tokuko : We've been talking about this for quite some time. Ever since I started the shop.

09:26 Meri : You want to sell coffee, right?

09:27 Tokuko : I like coffee, anyway. It's painful if you don't drink tea or coffee every day.

09:28 Meri : Tokuko may not buy coffee because her husband brings super delicious coffee, but we buy beans every time we discover a new cafe. I drank most of the famous things in Kyoto.

09:29 Tokuko : I'm drinking coffee in a strange environment. My freezer is in big trouble.

09:29 Meri : That's right! I look forward to getting it from time to time!

09:29 Meri : I've always wanted to sell coffee beans from Kyoto. Of course, there are things I like about Kyoto, but Fifteen in Takatsuki has a particular atmosphere.

09:30 Tokuko : The shop was very nice! I thought it must be delicious.

09:31 Meri : Lonely in a real residential area.

09:32 Tokuko : Huh, that's right. Let's go next time.

09:32 Meri : It's roasted every day, and the balance is very good.

09:32 Tokuko : I wonder if the sale can be done this week.

09:32 Meri : WALNUT will be selling beans and single serving packs.

09:33 Meri : I want to do it today. How about.

09:33 Tokuko : I'll be in Tokyo again tomorrow.

09:34 Meri : Hey. Friday night knit cafe, I wonder if anyone will come

09:34 Tokuko : I already know some of them! The shop is also open on Friday night, so please come by.

09:34 Meri : Hope to see you soon