February 27, 2018

Weekend report

08:47 Tokuko: Good morning. I'm on the train

08:52 Meri: Good morning

08:53 Meri: Fever not going down yet

08:53 Tokuko: So you're working from home today.

08:54 Meri: No, I'm off work

08:54 Meri: I can go anyway

08:55 Meri: I just can't get Laine's commentary podcast

08:56 Tokuko: You can't do it at home. Well, if we can do it this week.

08:56 Meri: sorry to keep you waiting

08:57 Tokuko: But February will be over in no time. It's been two days.

08:58 Meri: really

09:00 Meri: I'm preparing a new project for March

09:00 Meri: Can we get it out before the moon changes

09:00 Tokuko: Yes, that's it for this week! I'm looking forward to it.

09:00 Meri: I've been preparing for half a year, so I'm looking forward to it!

09:02 Tokuko: I will be in Tokyo from Thursday. It must be warm.

09:02 Meri: It's already spring. I wonder if it's time for spring.

09:03 Tokuko: Good luck to those with hay fever!