July 01, 2017

morning of shooting

08:12 Tokuko: Good morning. I think I'll finish the kuwadate before it's too late.

08:14 Meri: Good morning. you forgot yesterday

08:14 Tokuko: I had three meetings and a launch, so I didn't have time to do it.

08:15 Tokuko: A lot of interesting things happened yesterday.

08:16 Meri: Really. It was very filling.

08:17 Tokuko: Come to think of it, funny things always come out of nowhere.

08:18 Tokuko: I wonder if it's a reward for working hard.

08:24 Meri: Is it coming from over there? Well, you could say that.

08:25 Meri: It looks like a fun workshop.

08:26 Tokuko: I think it would be nice to have a shop, at times like this.

08:27 Meri: Hard to maintain, but a stronghold is nice.

08:27 Tokuko: It's really hard to rent a space. You used to do well.

08:28 Meri: Just sent a bunch of packages. But come to think of it, I want to make it more like a hideout, since I have a place.

08:29 Meri: Office hideout plan.

08:30 Tokuko: Hideout! What should I do to make it look like a hideout? But there are already many secrets.

08:46 Meri: There are many! There are too many things going on, and things are accumulating more and more, so I want to organize them in a more cool way.

08:53 Tokuko: Shijo now. Would you like to buy something at Starbucks?

08:57 Tokuko: I already bought it. See you later!