February 20, 2018

like spring

09:13 Meri: It's getting a little warmer and it's spring

09:13 Meri: Getting ready for spring

09:13 Tokuko: As a yarn shop, I appreciate cold weather, but I'm getting tired of winter clothes.

09:14 Tokuko: Looks like pretty colors are trending again this year.

09:15 Meri: It's fun! After all, the bright colors raise the tension. Happy for us who had a color diagnosis in spring

09:17 Tokuko: Yes. Everywhere I go, oranges, yellows, pretty greens!

09:18 Meri: Is the sock yarn dyed in the original color last year suitable?

09:18 Tokuko: Oh, you see. That's cute too.

09:19 Meri: I'm planning another yarn this year

09:20 Tokuko: Maybe next month, an announcement. I am desperately preparing now.

09:20 Meri: It's taking a while to dye, so it's a bit late

09:21 Tokuko: It's the perfect thread for spring and early summer, so I'll do something about it.

09:22 Meri: Spring means new yarns, new fabrics and clothes.

09:23 Tokuko: Lots of variety! I want to wear my new spring clothes as soon as possible.

09:24 Meri: Right! If you're in Tokyo or Kyoto, you might have to endure it for half a month.

09:25 Tokuko: Let's do our best to prepare until then.

09:26 Meri: Coming soon!