February 07, 2018

let's exercise

09:18 Tokuko : Let's talk about normal things today.

09:19 Meri : That's right. What is normal?

09:19 Tokuko : You know, I always take English conversation lessons when I have time.

09:20 Meri : Yes

09:20 Tokuko : The subject brought by the teacher is about exercise.

09:20 Meri : You wouldn't.

09:21 Tokuko : It's not too late to start now, so let's exercise! like. I didn't expect it to be recommended by an English conversation teacher.

09:21 Meri : Huh. smile

09:21 Meri : What have you decided to do?

09:22 Tokuko : No, I can't go to school anymore. I'm out of time.

09:22 Meri : I have luggage to run to the station. But busy people exercise more

09:22 Tokuko : I have stretch poles, and I use them when my back hurts.

09:23 Meri : I think it's stretching.

09:24 Tokuko : Maybe I should find something to do with my husband on Sunday.

09:24 Meri : I think you'll like it

09:24 Tokuko : I really want to go horseback riding, but that's expensive! worry

09:25 Meri : If you don't take it seriously, you won't get much exercise.

09:25 Meri : Because horses run

09:26 Tokuko : Golf or something? My husband played golf in physical education when he was in college.

09:27 Meri : Golf might be good. to walk

09:27 Meri : Mr. Tokuko, you have to increase your bone density by putting a strain on your bones. I recommend walking with my child on my back

09:28 Tokuko : It's pretty heavy. When I got home, I was surprised at how light my cat was.

09:28 Meri : lol

09:28 Meri : It was about the same until a while ago!

09:29 Tokuko : I gradually overtook cats and became human.

09:29 Tokuko : Anyway, I have to do something. Also for English teachers! I am sorry for worrying you all.

09:30 Meri : Yes, little by little!