January 24, 2018

Busy moving house!

10:51 Tokuko: I took the train.

10:57 Meri: Ordered a sign for the door of the Tokyo store.

10:57 Tokuko: Thank you. I'm almost done with this.

11:04 Meri: The lights are still on.

11:05 Meri: I'm already busy with my daily purchases.

11:06 Tokuko: You're the shopkeeper.

11:07 Meri: Yeah.

11:07 Meri: It's pretty hard to buy pieces from different places in an empty space.

11:08 Tokuko: That's why you're asking a construction company to place a bulk order, right? In general.

11:10 Meri: That's right. That would take three times as long and double the cost. . .

11:10 Meri: We only have a month until we move this time!

11:11 Tokuko: We don't often think we can afford it. I'm always busy. why.

11:11 Tokuko: Too much work?

11:12 Meri: I think it's because of the unreasonable schedule of moving in two weeks after handing over.

11:13 Tokuko: It didn't go well. It's almost the new year's holiday!

11:13 Meri: Right. I really wanted to move at the end of February, but I can't help it.

11:13 Tokuko: But that's okay. Because the location is great. Just say it and do your best.

11:14 Meri: Good luck.

11:14 Tokuko: The opening on February 2nd is also the 15th exhibition. Please come and visit us.

11:15 Meri: I'm sure this place will be able to accommodate even a large crowd!