January 11, 2018

New store story

08:44 Tokuko: I got on the train.

08:44 Tokuko: It's cold!

08:45 Meri: good morning

08:45 Meri: I fell asleep at 9 o'clock last night

08:45 Tokuko: Maybe I should be a morning person.

08:46 Meri: Not really. I'm tired. It may have been because I walked around Tokyo carrying 15 kilograms yesterday.

08:48 Tokuko: It might be tough without carts. My luggage is heavy.

08:48 Meri: I see.

08:48 Meri: I got the keys to the new store yesterday

08:49 Tokuko: Finally! I'm finally here.

08:50 Meri: I'm glad we were able to extend the delivery to the last minute

08:50 Meri: Then we're going to make preparations at a rapid pace.

08:50 Tokuko: The location is great. If you choose the exit, it is quite close to the station.

08:52 Meri: Right. I just entered the corner of Prada in Omotesando

08:53 Tokuko: Is Prada next? CHANEL now.

08:53 Meri: see yesterday's newsletter for details

08:53 Meri: Because it's Omotesando

08:55 Tokuko: We are preparing various things for the opening of the new store.

08:55 Meri: I'll do my best

08:55 Tokuko: Say goodbye to that cramped room for this month. Thank you for your help.

08:56 Meri: Nice over there. I hope the next place will be a good shop.

08:57 Tokuko: Finally, we are planning a moving sale! Please come and visit us.

08:57 Meri: Nice to meet you!