January 10, 2018

Reason for business trip to Tokyo

08:20 Meri: I'm on the Shinkansen. Please come when it's convenient

08:23 Tokuko: Shall we do it first? You were able to ride properly!

08:23 Meri: It was a hectic morning

08:24 Meri: I brought my MacBook and forgot to turn it on

08:24 Tokuko: Oh, sorry.

08:25 Meri: I can't help it

08:25 Meri: Kids are having fun now

08:26 Meri: Aunt across the aisle obsessed with plastic bags

08:26 Tokuko: You're on a business trip to Tokyo today, aren't you? thank you.

08:27 Meri: Yes. Why are you on a business trip to Tokyo recently?

08:28 Tokuko: It will be announced soon. In our newsletter!

08:29 Meri: Yes! then look forward to it

08:29 Tokuko: It's the end of the year, so it must have been hard. I don't feel tired.

08:30 Meri: Really. Even just magazines and New Year's preparations were pretty desperate

08:33 Tokuko: It's nice to be able to take a break after summarizing things for the time being.

08:34 Meri: Yes. Everyone, please enjoy the newsletter!