December 13, 2017

Various needle cases

09:47 Tokuko: What are we going to do today?

09:50 Meri: What would you like? Like a needle case?

09:51 Tokuko: Right. Everyone seems to be watching a lot lately!

09:52 Meri: Amirisu has two types.

09:53 Tokuko: Twig & Horn and the one made by Winter Session.

09:54 Meri: The Twig & Horn case comes in two types, wool and cotton canvas, but the design is basically the same

09:55 Tokuko: Winter Session is a roll-up type. i'm using this

09:55 Meri: The Twig & Horn has small needle pockets on one side and a pocket on the other side for larger items and cables. Foldable type

09:56 Tokuko: I think it's perfect for people who want to include everything.

09:57 Meri: I wonder if Hiyahiya can fit both thin and thick needles. It's quite bulky, though.

09:57 Tokuko: Winter Session is convenient for carrying around.

09:58 Meri: It's pretty compact. The one we are currently handling is amirisu original specification.

09:58 Tokuko: I have Hiyahiya's small set of needles. And scissors.

09:59 Tokuko: I travel a lot, so it's very useful. I got some flavor.

09:59 Meri: Mine also has a holder and five needles for socks. You can put the cable by winding it.

09:59 Meri: That's right, it's an oiled canvas, so you can enjoy the change over time

10:00 Tokuko: It's getting softer.

10:00 Meri: It's okay not to be cute.

10:01 Tokuko: It was perfect for me. With Twig & Horn, I thought it would be nice to be able to attach a pin to the needle case itself.

10:01 Tokuko: You can customize it cutely.

10:02 Meri: Right. I put a set of tulips in my wool and put on an amirisu charm. pretty!

10:03 Tokuko: We secretly use charms.

10:04 Meri: I actually made this for sale, but I only sell it for special occasions. Retreat or a custom bag.

10:05 Tokuko: There's still more.

10:05 Meri: I'm sure someday there will be an original item that you can sell with it.

10:07 Tokuko: Both needle cases are recommended, so choose the one you like!

10:07 Meri: Yes!