December 02, 2017

socks book

09:24 Meri : Did you know we're running out of socks books?

09:24 Tokuko : I don't know! How long?

09:25 Meri : Yesterday, when I sent it to Amazon, they said there was one more book, so I won't send it to Amazon! I just stopped.

09:25 Meri : Amazon has already stopped selling

09:25 Tokuko : Oh! amazing.

09:26 Meri : Even though there was so much.

09:27 Tokuko : Well, I'm a model, but I remember having sore muscles the next day after being posed in various poses.

09:28 Meri : A pose that looks natural is surprisingly unnatural.

09:29 Tokuko : That's right. That book has pretty good patterns.

09:30 Meri : From beginner to advanced.

09:30 Tokuko : For me, it was the socks that got me hooked on English patterns, so I was pretty particular about them.

09:30 Meri : The last pattern is actually recommended for beginners

09:31 Tokuko : Oh yeah. I wonder if I should knit that one first.

09:32 Meri : Especially when practicing in child size.

09:33 Tokuko : Try the dramatically cute Broken jack once you get used to knitting socks. Karesansui is also good.

09:33 Meri : Those two things are a little more difficult to knit. I think the rest is about the same difficulty

09:34 Tokuko : The socks on the cover are a little difficult at first, but I think you'll be able to get them to fit your feet!

09:35 Meri : Yes. Once you have your size, you will know how to read the table.

09:36 Meri : Well, anyway, there's only a few left, so please buy it while it's still there

09:36 Tokuko : No reprints are planned at this time.

09:36 Meri : No

09:36 Meri : Then make a new book

09:36 Tokuko : No, really. Hurry up!