November 30, 2017

blog introduction

08:54 Meri: You started a blog, right?

08:54 Tokuko: Around the day before yesterday. For those who want to knit English patterns.

08:55 Meri: What is it about?

08:56 Tokuko: We have a Japanese translation kit, but I think it would be great if you could read the English patterns.

08:56 Meri: Once you learn to knit any pattern with any thread, your world will expand

08:57 Tokuko: Based on my experience and what I've been teaching, this is a series on how to learn to read.

08:57 Tokuko: No, it should be much easier than when I started studying!

08:58 Meri: I have a lot of things to refer to now

08:58 Meri: I have a video

08:58 Tokuko: I didn't understand Moss stitches when I first tried it. It doesn't come up when I search.

08:58 Tokuko: It took me maybe a few days to figure it out.

08:59 Meri: That used to be a lot

09:00 Tokuko: It's the feeling of Genpaku Sugita.

09:00 Tokuko: I'm already thinking desperately!

09:01 Meri: I think it's easier than that!

09:01 Meri: It was a recommended pattern at first, but what about the next time?

09:02 Tokuko: Let's memorize the abbreviations.

09:02 Meri: So you're in high school?

09:02 Tokuko: Yes. From here on, it's just a matter of studying.

09:03 Meri: It's kind of like teaching how to study.

09:04 Tokuko: Yes, I will teach you how to do it in the shortest time.

09:04 Tokuko: I always tell everyone that just because you came here to learn, you won't suddenly be able to read English.

09:04 Meri: You just have to get used to it little by little

09:05 Meri: But I don't need to be that good at English.

09:06 Tokuko: Oh yeah. You know, even for Japanese people, knitting terms don't make any sense to people who don't knit.

09:06 Tokuko: It's the same as that.

09:06 Meri: It's the same. Knitting is just a symbol for those who don't do it

09:07 Tokuko: All that's left is motivation! The world is really expanding, so I want you to do your best

09:07 Meri: Stay tuned for the blog!