November 24, 2017

autumn leaves

08:55 Tokuko : Surprisingly, the first train on the Nara Line was full of seats!

08:56 Tokuko : I'm glad I was able to sit down

08:56 Meri : In such a situation! Today and tomorrow are the best

08:56 Tokuko : It seems that only green cars are available on the Shinkansen. Talk about hair and makeup.

08:57 Meri : That's right! But I'm glad I was able to go home ( note : it was taken yesterday.)

08:57 Tokuko : The person next to me is also reading a Kyoto guidebook.

08:58 Meri : The weather is nice this time of year, and I want to go out, but it's too crowded ...

08:58 Tokuko : It's like Tofuku-ji Temple and the extremely crowded Toyoko Line. Last night too, Keihan was 15 minutes late due to too much congestion.

09:00 Meri : Tofukuji, I paid money, but I gave up and came back

09:00 Tokuko : My recommendation is to go early in the morning for popular places. The temple is early in the morning.

09:01Meri : According to the taxi driver's information, it's not good to go early in the morning these days.

09:01 Tokuko : Uso

09:02 Meri : People who want to take pictures line up at the time when there are few people, and it seems to be crowded after all

09:02 Tokuko : Six years ago I could use this hand! Anyway, Kyoto is amazing.

09:02 Meri : Yeah. A different world from a few years ago

09:03 Tokuko : And the Nara Line was also delayed. Inari must be too crowded.

09:03 Meri : Yes. I wonder if the Olympics are over. I wonder if it's been like this for a long time.

09:04 Meri : When you go to Italy in the summer, there are only foreigners and people in business.

09:05 Tokuko : The same phenomenon is happening.

09:05 Tokuko : Autumn in Kyoto is tough! Ladies and gentlemen, our shop is not crowded, so please come and visit us.

09:05 Meri : I wonder if it's okay to be free ( laughs).

09:06 Meri : For now, you can calm down and shop.