November 22, 2017

New book!

08:43 Meri: I have a book coming out soon

08:43 Tokuko: It's sudden, but I've been working hard at this job lately.

08:43 Meri: Between retreats.

08:44 Tokuko: We managed to make it this far despite the hectic schedule.

08:44 Meri: We've made it to submission.

08:46 Tokuko: You're proofreading right now. If I put this out today, I wonder if it's over for the time being.

08:46 Meri: Yes. Will it come back on Friday? For now, it's almost over

08:47 Meri: What kind of book is it?

08:48 Tokuko: It's a Purl Soho book. Crackling.

08:49 Meri: A book full of simple and useful items. Released in December!

08:50 Tokuko: The clothes are cute, and the accessories are nice too. A hat is highly recommended.

08:50 Meri: Look forward to it~