November 21, 2017

on weekends.

11:09 Meri : What would you like today?

11:09 Tokuko: The holidays are over. Let's talk about each other's weekends.

11:09 Meri : Yeah. work.

11:10 Meri : And knitting.

11:10 Tokuko: For the first time in a long time, I got my weekend back.

11:10 Meri : More than anything. Did you go out?

11:10 Tokuko: Weekend to go for a massage and do Skype English! wonderful!

11:11 Meri : Great!

11:11 Tokuko: A quick glimpse at Kyoto on Sunday. it was cold

11:11 Meri : It was cold, wasn't it? That's why I didn't leave the house

11:12 Tokuko: The autumn leaves were not good this year, and I felt sorry for the tourists.

11:18 Meri : That's right. Kiyomizu-dera seems to be the most beautiful in the cold of the past few days.

11:19 Meri : The north side may have been bad this year

11:19 Tokuko: Oh, that's right. Slide into the national treasure exhibition 30 minutes before closing!

11:20 Meri : Isn't that great?

11:20 Tokuko: I hate lining up, I hate it. I got in right away, but there were a lot of people inside.

11:20 Meri : An acquaintance who went the other day also said

11:21 Meri : Not this time of year. Not in Kyoto.

11:21 Meri : I never get a taxi

11:22 Tokuko: Our shop is also becoming more international.

11:22 Meri : That's right!

11:23 Tokuko: A workplace where you gradually get used to using proper English.

11:24 Tokuko: No matter what, the spirit is nourished.

11:26 Meri : Actually it will work out. This is Japan! Basic Japanese is OK.