November 08, 2017

Yarn shop kid

10:32 Meri: Put away the suitcases and got everything ready

10:34 Tokuko: I'm making swatches right now. You know, that sweater went well. All that's left is the sleeves.

10:34 Meri: Good! what is the swatch?

10:34 Tokuko: It's the sweater club.

10:34 Meri: Oh yeah! blue is beautiful too

10:35 Tokuko: Yeah, it's refreshing. It feels good to knit Far after a long absence.

10:35 Meri: Any extras please? Planning to knit a baby sweater by collecting excess yarn from FAR.

10:37 Tokuko: That's a luxury! It's said that a chef's child has a sharp taste, but a yarn shop's child knows only good yarn.

10:37 Tokuko: Lately, I've been concerned about the quality of the sweaters I see on the street.

10:41 Meri: I'm sure the shops are concerned about the quality of the yarn in the sweaters.

10:42 Tokuko: I'm curious. Recently, I go to various shops to see sweaters, but I wonder if this quality is at this price.

10:43 Meri: There is such a thing. But the dangerous thing is when you think this price is cheap for using this thread. I just get excited

10:44 Tokuko: This season is a good season for a designer because there are so many sweaters in fashion papers and in stores.

10:45 Meri: It's fun. I can't help but flip it over and take pictures through the window

10:46 Tokuko: The problem is, don't get excited and buy your own sweater! about.

10:48 Meri: Hold on. I'm thinking of knitting it myself, but I don't have much time.

10:48 Tokuko: Come to think of it, I'm planning on knitting 3 garments by the end of the year. Hey, I'll do my best.

10:49 Meri: Two months! I have a plan as well. . . what will happen. . .

10:49 Meri: Let's do our best again today.