June 27, 2017

holiday is

18:04 Tokuko: Let's talk about normal things instead of advertising. about holidays.

18:04 Meri: Yeah. I think it's good!

18:04 Meri: How was the bride business?

18:04 Tokuko: We just ate delicious food and talked. I'm tired of eating.

18:05 Meri: That's great.

18:06 Meri: Nice weather

18:06 Tokuko: I'm always impressed with how lucky I am to be married into a good family. You can't just decide!

18:07 Meri: Really. Your partner's family is important. Personally, I think it's a very important point in choosing a partner!

18:07 Meri: We were a good family too. I'm impressed.

18:08 Tokuko: Right. I spent my time as if I was a member of the family. The section was very helpful.

18:09 Meri: All 5 of my brothers have great personalities and I'm sure your mom must have been a great person

18:10 Tokuko: We must be happy to think so. So, on Sunday, I just knit.

18:10 Meri: Weren't you just knitting yesterday?

18:11 Tokuko: Oh, about Monday. I don't knit much on Sundays. My butt hurts from sitting all the time, so I go back and forth between the sofa and the dining table.

18:12 Meri: Even I was just knitting on Sundays. Knit, hold baby, knit, move to bedroom, knit, move to bouncer.

18:12 Meri: Repeat.

18:13 Tokuko: That's right. But this is my favorite holiday.

18:14 Meri: I finished two sweaters! Knitting weekends at home are the best.

18:15 Tokuko: Yes. It was a happy holiday for knitting geeks.

18:16 Meri: Next week we'll have dinner with Tokuko's family! I'm looking forward to it.

18:18 Tokuko: Yes. I want to go home before my father gets drunk.