November 07, 2017

The retreat is over

08:56 Tokuko Good morning. If you're planning on doing it, go ahead.

09:36 Meri Oh sorry I just saw

09:36 Tokuko I'll be riding in a few more minutes

09:37 Thank you Meri Retreat!

09:38 Tokuko Thank you very much for your hard work! I'm glad everyone seemed to enjoy it.

09:38 Meri I think the number of people was just right and the time allocation was good.

09:39 Meri, I heard that everyone said they had fun making new friends 💜

09:40 Tokuko It's like a school trip for adults, isn't it?

09:40 Meri it's true

09:40 Meri Eat something delicious and refresh yourself.

09:40 Tokuko I am satisfied with my first WS.

09:41 Meri It was good.

09:41 Tokuko I became a student after a long time.

09:41 Meri It's nice to be free for half a day. Besides me.

09:42 Tokuko I hope Meri will be able to do it next. Arrange yourself.

09:42 Tokuko Well, I was sleeping at that time...

09:43 Meri Well, I was allowed to dye my hair during break time. I was quite busy because I had to set up and clean up every day. while breastfeeding...

09:43 Meri I bet there won't be any breastfeeding next time

09:47 Tokuko I'm sure it will be a good memory too.

09:47 Meri Really. I made everyone love my son

09:48 Meri I'm looking forward to next time

09:48 Tokuko Well, I'm back to normal work from this week. I have to work hard on patterns and videos!

09:48 Meri Let's do our best!