October 10, 2017

Behind the scenes today.

19:56 Tokuko: I'm on the train home now. Shall we do a kuwadate today as well?

19:56 Meri : Let's do it. Oh yeah, I can't work after I get home, so if I try to make a stew,

19:57 Meri : My son is getting grumpy halfway through and ends up cutting chicken while dancing.

19:57 Tokuko: Are you in a good mood when you dance?

19:58 Meri : I'm happy when you clap your hands and sing

19:59 Tokuko: The point is that I want you to care.

20:00 Meri : Maybe I was tired today, but for some reason the taxi driver and the supermarket clerk encouraged me.

20:01 Meri : It must be hard, but there are also fun things to do, so I asked her to put vegetables in a bag (laughs).

20:02 Tokuko: That was good. I also want someone to encourage me!

20:02 Meri : Anytime if it's me

20:03 Meri : For now, the shop is understaffed.

20:03 Tokuko: Is that so. We are looking for staff.

20:04 Tokuko: Also, it's been a little rough since last week. The new system didn't work well.

20:04 Meri : Yes, I'm enduring transitional pain

20:05 Tokuko: If this goes well, surely a rosy future awaits!

20:06 Meri : We haven't released kits yet, but we're doing our best. Please wait for a while!

20:07 Tokuko: Probably, I think that I will go around somehow this week.

20:07 Meri : Nice to meet you. If there is anything you would like us to publish first, please let us know.