September 05, 2017

from Iceland

20:20 Tokuko: Maybe tomorrow we'll sell new yarn.

20:20 Meri: I want to do my best

20:20 Meri: It took a while to get ready

20:21 Tokuko: How many new years? It took a year. I negotiated for the first time when I went to Iceland.

20:21 Meri: Right. If you give up, get in touch when you forget.

20:22 Tokuko: I'm introducing you to Iceland. I'm sure someone with a magazine came to visit, so I remembered.

20:23 Meri: Right! Many people came with amirisu's Iceland.

20:24 Meri: I'm happy.

20:24 Tokuko: I'm glad I was of help to you. And it's made from Icelandic wool dyed with plants.

20:25 Meri: Very colorful, but all plant-dyed. it's natural and nice.

20:26 Tokuko: I still have the thread I bought back then. Cherished. That's great coloring.

20:26 Tokuko: It's beautiful!

20:26 Meri: Me too. That's right, assembling a kit or knitting.

20:28 Tokuko: It's my color. Someday, I will knit something in memory.

20:29 Meri: If you have extra kits, get them.

20:29 Tokuko: Is there such a thing...

20:29 Meri: Light and nice thread!

20:30 Tokuko: Everyone should buy it before I take it. It's not a thread that can be bought in Japan.

20:31 Tokuko: Please look forward to tomorrow evening. I will definitely go to Iceland again!

20:31 Meri: I want to go! Maybe the end of summer next?