August 05, 2017

canvas needle case

19:04 Meri: I haven't been able to do "Squirrel Skeets" this week.

19:05 Tokuko: I'm going on a business trip to Tokyo from Thursday.

19:06 Meri: Yeah, and we're both really busy right now. . .

19:06 Meri: Why isn't fall here yet?

19:06 Tokuko: I'm pretty busy most of the time, but I think it's because magazines have been added to my usual work.

19:07 Meri: Even though the magazine has been untouched until today.

19:07 Meri: I'll do my best to write the manuscript. . .

19:07 Tokuko: I have to submit the pattern to the editor-in-chief. before the deadline. So, every day I apologize saying "I'll do it today" and "I'll do it tomorrow".

19:08 Meri: Almost done today, congratulations.

19:09 Tokuko: You did it. The rest is scheme and proofreading for me. Editor-in-chief, we are waiting for you.

19:10 Tokuko: So today's new product is the twig & horn needle case.

19:11 Meri: You're finally in. I've been waiting.

19:12 Meri: The wool one was in stock a while ago (and sold out), now the canvas

19:12 Tokuko: Oh, it's a canvas. It's really new.

19:13 Meri: Yes. Available in 4 colors.

19:13 Meri: None of the colors are pretty, which is fine.

19:13 Tokuko: My favorite is khaki.

19:14 Meri: Yes, I have khaki now.

19:14 Meri: I think this would be ivory. I really like navy blue, but everything is navy blue.

19:14 Tokuko: I love khaki. There are 12 pockets for needles, so this is almost enough.

19:15 Meri: It has a lot of pockets, so be careful not to put too many things in it and make it too heavy.

19:15 Tokuko: Like your wallet. . .

19:16 Meri: Hmmm.

19:16 Meri: It's getting worse with the addition of children these days.

19:17 Tokuko: You're just giving me the receipts you've been accumulating. Oh, leave that behind!

19:17 Meri: Really.

19:18 Tokuko: Since it's canvas, I think it should be durable. Not ideal for those who like to carry around.

19:18 Tokuko: It's compact when folded.

19:18 Meri: Yeah. It's plain, and I think it would be nice to have it embroidered.

19:19 Tokuko: That's a nice idea. The other day, there was a student with a pin badge attached to a wool case, and I thought that was nice.

19:19 Meri: Hey, wool is good too.

19:19 Meri: Light gray has arrived.

19:19 Tokuko: After all, I have tons of pin badges to wear.

19:20 Meri: It's time to change the needle case.