August 02, 2017

washing the heart

18:31 Tokuko: As I mentioned in the newsletter earlier, you're finally able to advertise your retreat.

18:32 Meri: Yes. There were uncertainties all the time, and it was hard to come up with a bang.

18:33 Meri: All right, all confirmed.

18:33 Tokuko: You may think it's a long time ago, but it's only four months away. Right away.

18:33 Meri: It's almost Obon and autumn is just around the corner

18:34 Meri: No, that sentence made me feel threatened.

18:34 Meri: So many things to do.

18:34 Meri: Put that aside.

18:37 Meri: I was confirming the news that Niki Resort, the owner company of the venue, would stop operating the Niki Club.

18:37 Tokuko: Eh! That's what it feels like. I'm not sure if I can use the hotel facilities or not.

18:37 Meri: I was worried about what would happen to the art biotope that is part of the site, and I didn't know which part of the facility could be used.

18:38 Meri: But I'm relieved to know that everything will be fine until mid-November. Barely safe.

18:38 Tokuko: For now, I'm relieved to be able to use the spa. my healing spot.

18:38 Meri: Yes. Bathing is the most fun.

18:39 Meri: November is the best time to see autumn leaves, so I'm glad I left it there.

18:39 Tokuko: I'm really looking forward to this time because it's too expensive to stay on my own.

18:40 Meri: After soaking in the spa for 3 days, my skin really revives.

18:40 Tokuko: Somehow, that bath is perfect for re-examining yourself. Do you think your thoughts are organized? Relax while watching the moon in the forest.

18:40 Tokuko: Great.

18:41 Meri: Knit and take a bath without worrying about food. the best.

18:41 Meri: The rice is also delicious. Good local ingredients and vegetables grown on the premises. Very luxurious.

18:42 Tokuko: What I'm trying to say is how happy non-work people are because even though I'm away for work, I feel great every time.

18:42 Tokuko: I want to stress this point.

18:44 Meri: Since you are doing your best with group prices such as meals, I think that even if you normally stay for 3 nights by yourself, the price will not be much different from the retreat price. I would like to emphasize that point. Is amirisu profitable? But it's okay.

18:44 Meri: It's an annual cleanup for everyone.

18:46 Tokuko: No profit. I choose not to look too deeply into it. There are events that are meaningful to do!

18:48 Meri: I'm looking forward to dyeing.

18:49 Tokuko: After all, I can't participate.

18:50 Meri: It might be a little difficult, but maybe half a day.

18:50 Tokuko: I hope so, but it's a good job. I hope everyone enjoys it. . .

18:51 Meri: I'll do my best to explain the details of the meals, what I always give to the participants, and other things!

18:52 Meri: For now, I want to go the day before and do pottery

18:52 Tokuko: I'll do it too.

18:52 Meri: Exciting.