July 24, 2019

obsessed with sewing

09:41 Tokuko: I worked hard on sewing salopettes over the weekend.

09:41 Meri: Done?

09:41 Tokuko: It didn't end. After all it is impossible in two days from the beginning.

09:42 Meri: It's going to take a long time

09:42 Tokuko: The next book is very carefully sewn!

09:43 Tokuko: I can see how the all-one pants I sewed before were simplified.

09:43 Tokuko: Hoho, you have to sew three times here! And.

09:44 Meri: Right. I'm going to sew the inseam and this

09:44 Tokuko: All that's left is to put on the breastplate and you're done!

09:45 Meri: Good work.

09:46 Tokuko: I enjoy sewing every weekend, but the shop also holds a sewing fair.

09:48 Meri: Preparing recommended patterns and fabrics

09:49 Tokuko: There are a lot of cute fabrics in the shop now!

09:50 Meri: The staff at the fair will be available to advise you.

09:50 Tokuko: I also always consult.

09:51 Tokuko: It's the same as thread, because the compatibility between the pattern and the fabric is the most difficult.

09:51 Tokuko: That's perfect!

09:51 Meri: Oh yeah.

09:52 Meri: You can still wear summer clothes for about two months

09:52 Tokuko: But I thought. If you sew about 3 pieces of sewing, you'll get used to it.

09:53 Meri: You'll gradually see the process.

09:53 Meri: I know it's hard

09:53 Tokuko: Oh yeah. I'm sure you can do it! Please start with something simple.

09:54 Meri: We are waiting for you!