July 20, 2017

new project

19:47 Tokuko: Both of us were kind of tired today. My back hurts... rare.

19:47 Meri: I'm very tired from the baby's screaming today. It was amazing even after Tokuko left

19:48 Tokuko: I can go to nursery school tomorrow. If you're that good.

19:49 Meri: Really. I'm done with vaccinations.

19:49 Meri: Finally got to work...

19:50 Tokuko: Blocking at Rock Island hurts my lower back even more. I submitted it to the store without any problem.

19:51 Tokuko: Next we will knit a cowl with the new yarn. Excited. Is it still a secret?

19:51 Meri: Already announced on the blog.

19:51 Meri: Cute thread. I wonder if it will come in about half a month.

19:52 Tokuko: Well then, let's knit while advertising.

19:52 Meri: Nice, just looking at the thread is cute.

19:52 Meri: I have to knit too

19:53 Tokuko: Meri, what are you going to knit when you finish knitting the shawl?

19:53 Meri: The autumn sample I'm translating now, the cowl I'm thinking of releasing as a kit in the fall,

19:53 Meri: Ambitions to design a sweater that I want to kit out in the fall.

19:54 Tokuko: Too much ambition, every time.

19:54 Meri: I actually have something else to knit. . .

19:54 Meri: Yes. Only one last ambition.

19:55 Tokuko: That's right, I have to do something with the yarn coming in September. Ah, I feel like I can't knit during the summer vacation at this rate.

19:55 Meri: Oh yeah.

19:55 Meri: Me now. I'm desperate.

19:55 Meri: Still, I can't knit every day. . . tears

19:56 Tokuko: No, I'm knitting even though I have a child. I think the desperation is different.

19:56 Meri: Nursery school.

19:56 Meri: Right. When I saw Ravelry from spring, I thought that I had knitted quite a bit.

19:57 Tokuko: I think everyone is astonished. Well, it's work. This too!

19:58 Tokuko: Thank you both for your hard work. But excited. I'll get the needle out when I get home.

19:58 Meri: It's work. But it's work, but it's a lot of fun, so I think it's good.

19:58 Meri: It's really fun to start a new project.

19:58 Meri: But it's nice to open the drawer for the first time in a long time and find a project that's about to be finished knitting, and it's just a little bit more to finish.

20:00 Tokuko: I have about three at home, but I can't knit them.

20:00 Tokuko: I'll look forward to seeing you when you retire.

20:01 Meri: Um, when was that?

20:01 Meri: It's a long way off.

20:02 Tokuko: Good! I'll take good care of it. Until then, I will try to knit in good health.