June 22, 2017

Make a signboard for Tokyo

18:43 Tokuko: Next week is fine. I will tell you that I have a job to think of a signboard for the Tokyo store.

18:44 Meri: I remember

18:44 Tokuko: Great

18:44 Meri: What are we going to do after all? do you make it on your own?

18:44 Tokuko: Yes, I make it on my own. And confirm it with the landlord.

18:44 Tokuko: I don't think it's possible for someone to stick out of the frame.

18:48 Meri: I thought about cutting it out like a paper cutout, but it was a bit difficult to put in the room number

18:48 Meri: Finally a sign!

18:51 Meri: I want to breastfeed before going to dinner, but the jetlag boy won't wake up...

18:52 Tokuko: Force yourself up.

18:55 Meri: Good luck

19:02 Tokuko: I have to go home soon. It's so bright outside that I forget the time.

19:03 Meri: Still won't wake up.

19:07 Tokuko: Why don't you play a wind instrument song? like a brass band. Most animals don't like that, so I have a feeling it might wake up a child.

19:07 Tokuko: Oboe and trumpet are especially recommended. overtone instrument.

19:08 Meri: Yes. Try it. Like Carmen?

19:10 Tokuko: Well, let's try Carmen for now. https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pines of Rome This is also quite noisy. I recommend it.