June 21, 2017

The squirrel stalk begins

I started a new project today. See the exchange below for details.

This is a corner that will be sent in the form of a conversation between Tokuko and Meri.

It all started with Meri's tweet. "I was wondering if there is a better way to let you know about future arrival schedules."

17:22 Meri: I was wondering if there's a better way to let you know about upcoming stocks. It's like a release notice. I will release various things from this week.

17:26 Tokuko: I think it's fine. Magazines can be kept secret to some extent, but not the rest.

17:27 Meri: I can't introduce threads that haven't been released yet, but I think it's safe to say they will be included.

17:28 Tokuko: Actually, it would be nice if I could stream something every day.

17:28 Meri: You mean the newsletter?

17:29 Tokuko: It doesn't have to be that far. Almost like every day.

17:29 Meri: Oh yeah

17:29 Tokuko: Something that would get people to visit the site every day.

17:29 Meri: I thought Instagram would do that. Hey website. Either do that or do the wall newspaper. (* Note: The idea of ​​a wall newspaper project is also being secretly considered.)

17:31 Meri: Also, I guess I'll give more notice when I sell something. I feel like I'm always out of the blue. . For example, I would like to talk about the products that Tokuko-san and I are going to sell.

17:32 Tokuko: Yes, exactly Hobonichi style.

17:33 Meri: I'm in charge of purchasing. How about having Tokuko-san become a listener like Itoi-san? I will answer why I purchase the product.

17:33 Tokuko: Good. I have a question for the otaku Meri.

17:34 Meri: Or write this exchange verbatim.

17:34 Tokuko: Hobonichi has something like that.

17:35 Meri: Right.

17:35 Tokuko: Something like "Today's LINE".

17:35 Meri: Something like today's darling? Could there be a prettier name?

17:36 Tokuko: Squirrel communication

17:36 Meri: It's similar to WALNUT communication.

17:37 Meri: Squirrel tweets? A squirrel secret?

17:37 Tokuko: It might be nice to have a secret talk

17:37 Meri: But don't tell me. . .

17:39 Tokuko: The squirrel room looks like Tetsuko's room.

17:39 Meri: lol

17:40 Meri: Is there a word to describe this interaction?

17:41 Tokuko: Timeline

17:41 Meri: It's not a consultation, it's not a meeting, it's a scheme, or something like that

17:43 Tokuko: Scheme? it's difficult

17:47 Meri: Is it really a squirrel scheme? A squirrel secret? Squirrel whispering? Squirrel gathering, squirrel discussion, squirrel chat

17:48 Tokuko: Let's keep it a secret

17:48 Meri: Squirrel Stalk

17:49 Tokuko: Kuwadate isn't calm. But I wonder if that's good.

17:49 Meri: Well, you can keep it a secret. I searched various thesaurus

17:50 Tokuko: I wondered if it would be interesting if it said, "Kuwadate" and the story of today's dinner.

17:50 Meri: Sure.

17:51 Tokuko: People like personal stories after all. It would be nice to sprinkle it there. All right, I'll give it a try.

17:51 Meri: He's a squirrel, so he can't do much trickery, but it's cute how he's trying to use his cunning and spinning around in vain. All right, let's start tomorrow.

17:52 Tokuko: All right.

So, we will start tomorrow. looking forward to!

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