September 13, 2017

amirisu 14 is out!

18:58 Meri: Today's topic is the autumn issue of amirisu!

18:59 Tokuko: It's finally time to advertise.

18:59 Meri: Yeah, I'm having a hard time figuring out when it will be available.

18:59 Tokuko: You couldn't decide on a release date.

19:00 Meri: Yes. It is currently scheduled to be released on September 28th.

19:01 Tokuko: This time it's about London. And it is said that the two of them will be full of feelings that they want to go to London.

19:01 Meri: Yes, while I was editing and proofreading, every day I thought, "I want to go," and "Would three days be enough?"

19:02 Meri: There were so many wonderful shops!

19:03 Tokuko: Even just in London!

19:03 Meri: We also introduce Bath

19:04 Tokuko: The pattern is pretty nice too. I want to knit the cover.

19:05 Meri: It looks great. Shawls and accessories are also nice

19:06 Tokuko: I'm already starting to forget some of the content. . . Because I'm working on No. 15.

19:06 Meri: I'm not

19:07 Tokuko: I know. It's okay. We are a time consuming job.

19:07 Meri: For now, I'd like to enjoy issue 14 before we go to the next one

19:08 Tokuko: I hope the magazine arrives safely!

19:08 Meri: Enjoy!