April 04, 2018

Purchase status in April

08:49 Meri: I'm drinking coffee at the cafe from the morning because I'm in charge of the nursery school this morning

08:49 Tokuko: Good morning. It's hot already.

08:52 Meri: Right.

08:52 Meri: I had a hard time walking because I have low blood pressure.

08:54 Tokuko: I don't know if low blood pressure is related. It must be getting hotter and tougher to pick up and drop off.

08:56 Meri: I felt like my head wasn't getting enough blood as I walked. But it's really hot. Linen soon

08:57 Tokuko: I'd start with Kestrel. Thick linen type. There should be quite a few in the Tokyo store.

09:00 Meri: Right. After that, cotton and linen blend threads enter one after another.

09:01 Tokuko: Luft will be back in stock this week.

09:02 Meri: Fun! New colors are coming

09:03 Tokuko: Oh yeah! There it is. The kit is now in preparation.

09:04 Meri: And after that, amirisu original thread 2nd! And WalkCollection Linea.

09:04 Meri: Both in April.

09:05 Tokuko: I think we can go in April. looking forward to!

09:05 Meri: It's time to start planning your spring/summer knitting!