November 13, 2018

No. 17 KAL

08:52 Tokuko : Good morning. Today I'm planning to have my husband next door.

08:52 Tokuko : It's rare that the trains are together.

08:53 Meri : That's what happens

08:53 Tokuko : I'm assuming you'll be taking the Shinkansen from now on.

08:54 Meri : I see. As busy as ever.

08:54 Tokuko : You're in the prime of your life. each other!

08:57 Tokuko : Come to think of it, amirisu 17 's KAL has started.

08:57 Meri : Maybe since last weekend?

08:57 Meri : You've already been participating quite a bit.

08:58 Tokuko : Just tag #amirisu17kal on Instagram .

08:58 Tokuko : You don't have to complete it, no!

08:59 Meri : You have to complete it to get the prize

08:59 Tokuko : Yes. But you can do it for motivation.

09:00 Meri : You are also very welcome to post progress along the way, so please do!

09:00 Tokuko : That's interesting just looking at it. Ah, I think I'll finish knitting soon. Do you knit with that combination?

09:01 Meri : I'm looking forward to it

09:01 Tokuko : At KAL No. 16, there was a person who knitted two pieces, which was impressive.

09:02 Meri : Someone who is early may have already knit one . But I have until January , so I have plenty of time.

09:02 Tokuko : I don't have any plans to participate, but I really want to knit socks.

09:02 Tokuko : I also want to knit Lumi.

09:03 Meri : Lumi , I'm thinking of editing. But maybe after the holidays are over.

09:03 Tokuko : Please knit for us.

09:03 Meri : For those of us who can't knit our own

09:04 Meri : I'm looking forward to seeing your work!