October 31, 2018

No. 17 kit sale

09:26 Meri: good morning

09:27 Tokuko: It was cold this morning

09:27 Meri: I gave the kids jackets too

09:28 Tokuko: Reflecting on yesterday, I dressed warmly.

09:29 Meri: I've been wearing a normal winter sweater since yesterday

09:29 Tokuko: The company is getting cold, isn't it, from the floor? Hot carpet will be released soon.

09:30 Tokuko: By the way, the Tokyo store seemed to be very busy yesterday!

09:30 Meri: The exhibition started yesterday, right?

09:30 Meri: Kit pre-sale today!

09:31 Tokuko: Yes. Already done preparations.

09:32 Meri: After all, the number of works has increased, so the preparations have become difficult.

09:32 Meri: Let's start with a phased release next time.

09:32 Tokuko: It's also difficult with three inventory locations.

09:33 Meri: Right. It was hard with both.

09:33 Tokuko: We are all competing for inventory...

09:34 Meri: I recommend buying it on the spot where you see it.

09:34 Tokuko: That's right!

09:34 Meri: If I try to buy it later online or in a store, there's a chance I won't be able to buy it.

09:35 Tokuko: The time to buy is when you meet.

09:36 Meri: This time I have a kit I want too...

09:36 Meri: But I don't think you can get it

09:37 Tokuko: I have to buy it. In that case!

09:37 Meri: Secretly ask the manufacturer.

09:37 Meri: I hope you all have your favourites.

09:37 Tokuko: General sale is tomorrow. Do not miss it!