May 31, 2018

16th issue now on sale!

09:23 Tokuko: I got on the train

09:25 Tokuko: Full of school trip students today! I was relieved to sit down.

09:29 Meri: Feeling a little better?

09:30 Tokuko: Okay. But I feel like I'm getting better. Knitted for the first time in a long time last night.

09:31 Meri: Good!

09:32 Meri: We've come a long way in the time I had to sit still!

09:32 Tokuko: I think you should have just shut up and gone to sleep, too, Meri.

09:33 Meri: I slept too much and can't sleep. The day after my fever went down, I couldn't sleep until 3:30.

09:34 Tokuko: That's painful, isn't it? But it was good that we were both on business trips.

09:35 Meri: Really! Imagining stomach and kidney pain in America... it's impossible

09:35 Meri: Thanks to you, we were able to release it safely

09:36 Tokuko: Crackling.

09:37 Tokuko: The price has gone up, but the patterns have increased accordingly!

09:38 Meri: The price is for the larger print and more pages

09:38 Meri: It's amazing to have more pages even though it's only in Japanese, come to think of it.

09:38 Tokuko: So we're tired.

09:39 Meri: So...

09:39 Tokuko: More work than I expected. It didn't end well, and it took longer than expected.

09:40 Tokuko: Well, it was supposed to end today, but something like that.

09:40 Meri: It was hard to submit two separate manuscripts because Canadian and Japanese printing companies required completely different things.

09:41 Tokuko: You took your time at the end

09:42 Meri: It's been proofread for like two weeks

09:43 Tokuko: Also, the data is heavy! That was tough too. I didn't have a job, so I took an air Mac with me.

09:43 Meri: Because we have more pages. All things considered, 130 pages is the limit.

09:44 Meri: Please take a look!

09:44 Tokuko: Please.