January 26, 2018

No. 15 coming soon

08:47 Meri: My apartment room is supposed to be warm, but it's pretty cold this morning

08:48 Tokuko: The train is a little late. It's cold waiting!

08:48 Meri: Poor thing!

08:49 Meri: It was the first snow for my little one.

08:50 Tokuko: It was raining on the way home yesterday. Did it rain in the morning too?

08:50 Meri: It's still raining a little

08:50 Meri: Already sunny and a little melted

08:51 Tokuko: Nara is absolutely. It's really cold this year. Glad I bought the coat.

08:52 Meri: I'm on a level 4 coat today too

08:53 Tokuko: I've been making packages to send to Tokyo since yesterday, so I've been moving all the time and it wasn't that cold in the store.

08:53 Meri: It might be cold this morning!

08:54 Meri: I'm going live today

08:54 Meri: I'm not even on Youtube Live so what should I say

08:55 Tokuko: I wonder if it's Instagram live.

08:56 Meri: Yeah

08:57 Tokuko: Can you give us a sneak peek at #15?

08:57 Meri: Did the train come?

08:57 Meri: I think you can!

08:57 Meri: The release date is me in Tokyo.

08:57 Tokuko: Here we come. I'm riding The heating isn't working.

08:58 Meri: Nara line is cold

08:59 Tokuko: It's always cold! Very different from Tokyo. I am in Kyoto for lessons. It's not like we're together on the release date.

08:59 Meri: Lately.

09:00 Tokuko: Two more days! looking forward to.

09:00 Meri: I wonder if I can show up at the Tokyo store for a while. Impossible.

09:00 Meri: Please pick it up!