September 29, 2017

14, release!

19:44 Meri: Issue 14 is now on sale

19:44 Tokuko: It was released yesterday. congratulations.

19:44 Meri: Congratulations!

19:46 Meri: I really like this issue

19:46 Tokuko: Yes. Especially if the editor-in-chief says so.

19:47 Tokuko: As a pattern clerk, there are many interesting works, so I think it's worth buying. There are various tastes.

19:48 Meri: Yes, from simple to color work to all-over pattern knitting.

19:49 Tokuko: Yes. We have everything from beginner to advanced.

19:50 Meri: The monochromatic pieces have elaborate knitted fabrics, which is also nice. I don't think you'll get bored

19:50 Tokuko: For advanced players, Fiona's Gneiss and Mitten's Pink Pine Pair. Full of interaction.

19:51 Meri: The Devon looks really nice and lasts a long time

19:52 Tokuko: At first glance, it's just a normal sweater. It feels like it's long enough.

19:52 Meri: Yes. Also, I'm glad I chose that color.

19:53 Tokuko: It's convenient to have one on days when you don't want to think about coordination.

19:54 Meri: I think the red GENMOU Ostinato would look great with a more natural color. Light colors will be in stock soon!

19:55 Tokuko: We only have red in stock right now. excuse me.

19:55 Meri: Also green.

19:56 Meri: Aren't thick wide pants and voluminous long skirts popular these days?

19:56 Tokuko: It's trending. I have one too.

19:56 Meri: Regular length tops tend to look unfashionable, so I think a cropped sweater would be good

19:57 Meri: sweaters are hard to put in

19:57 Tokuko: Oh yeah. The short length is suitable for wide.

19:57 Tokuko: I also tried on various clothes at home, but only short sweaters suited me.

19:58 Meri: Pretty recommended item.

19:58 Meri: I usually wear tops in the summer, only the front is tucked into my pants.

19:59 Tokuko: When I first saw that style in a fashion magazine, I was stunned, but now it's become the norm. I haven't done it yet!

20:00 Meri: You know, it's hanging up and down.

20:00 Meri: Gneiss is absolutely cute because the thread is cute!

20:01 Tokuko: I want to knit this. I'm not quite there yet.

20:01 Tokuko: Please try knitting for me.

20:02 Meri: I want to knit. I have a color that I have decided in my heart, but if there is left over, I will take it.

20:02 Tokuko: See you later. We will still introduce the work of No. 14!

20:03 Meri: See you next time!