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13th KAL is excited!

July 18, 2017

21:27 Meri: Did I mention amirisu's KAL?

21:27 Tokuko It seems like we talked lightly once.

21:29 Tokuko But I didn't write much. This time, it's a great prize!

21:30 Meri: When I tried to talk to them, they gathered

21:30 Tokuko What will come out of Shibui?

21:31 Meri: New yarns called Reed and Lunar, presents

21:33 Tokuko Oh, that's right. Quince is a $50 coupon. How nice.

21:33 Meri: Both can be worn as summer yarn

21:34 Meri: Also WALNUT shopping coupons and our yarn.

21:34 Tokuko I brought out my treasured yarn.

21:35 Tokuko I think I'll never be able to knit anymore. But I have some more.

21:35 Meri: Rare threads that you can't buy anymore.

21:36 Tokuko It looks like I'll be able to give you about two more gifts. Do you still have Mary?

21:37 Meri: I have. Hope to see you next time

21:37 Tokuko It would be a pity to give it to you!

21:39 Meri: Please publish the project photos to the group on Ravelry by the end of KAL!

21:40 Meri: I'm glad that every pattern seems to be evenly popular this time.

21:43 Tokuko Shawls are also popular.

21:43 Meri: I can't wait to see what you guys come up with.

21:45 Tokuko We used to knit together. Please enjoy it instead of me.

21:47 Tokuko Have a nice weekend everyone!

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