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what are you knitting now? 〜Pure Mesh Pullover & Anytime Bag〜

July 19, 2023

今何編んでる?〜Pure Mesh Pullover & Anytime Bag〜

The third installment of a series in which Kyoto staff knit same pattern in different colors!
This time we knitted an exciting looking pure mesh pullover.

Ummm...wouldn't it be cool if the five of us wore it together? It looks like a musician's live costume!

I think the most difficult part of this pullover is choosing the right size.
The pattern says to wear it with an ease of 0cm to -12.5cm. I was thrilled to see on Ravelry that many people were wearing it in a sexy way.

However, many people in Japan must be embarrassed to wear tight-fitting clothes.
We were the same. If possible, we wanted to knit a little bigger so we could wear it over a T-shirt or shirt.

So we took the gauge seriously...
The honest truth is that we weren't sure how much the knitted fabric would pull when worn, or what size it would end up being.

So, we chose sizes that was a little too big, raised the needles, and began knitting.

Here are the sizes that everyone knitted.

Purple/Nakacho XXL (only the length is XS)
Green / Aiko XS
Blue/Akko XXL (She had to raise the needle size because her hands are too tight)
Black/Ayako L
Orange/Hasuda M


If you want a looser fit, it's safe to go up 2 or 3 sizes. 
But looking at the picture, it seems that it can be said that it stretches in its own way no matter what size it is knitted and fits the body line.

The hem is originally a knitted design (see black), but if you are worried about the hem coming up, add ribs to add weight (see purple/orange).

It's made from one strand of lace or fingering yarn, and I'm happy that it can be completed quickly because it's knitted with thick needles.
Coming under a large short-sleeved top and showing only your arms, it's rock and fashionable.
For some reason, it surprisingly suits everyone, so if you want to wear something different than usual, be brave and try knitting it!

And have you noticed? Only blue Akko is not completed. (This trend seems to have happened before ...)
The side was not closed and fluttered, so I clipped it and took a picture. I just pray that I can do my best and complete it.


And the Anytime Bag knitted with DARUMA's nylon thread TUBE is also in a different color.
Put your wallet and smartphone in it and it is convenient for going out for a while . The string for the handle can be knitted or ribbon. You can enjoy the combination with the color of the main body.


Lastly, the rainbow Amiami pictured here is a Pure Mesh Tank Top knitted by Shino. A tank top version of the pattern was also released recently.
It looks cute too!


Used Thread / Color

Purple Amirisu Handdyed Pop Neon Collection Sock / Pop Purple

orange amirisu Parade Handdyed / Shinonome

Green amirisu Sock Weight Handdyed / Never Seen Bird

Black amirisu Trek Handdyed / Galaxy Express

Blue Hedgehog Fibers High Twist Sock / Electric

Rainbow Undercover Otter Mighty Merino / Killer Klowns from Outer Space

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