May 03, 2024

We are starting a 3-store stamp rally!


There are three stores operated by amirisu.
WALNUT Kyoto is a yarn shop. It was the first store we opened and is our flagship store.
Soon after, WALNUT Tokyo was established, focusing on stocking new products and hosting events.
And Sail & Thread , which opened this year in 2024, is a sister store that mainly carries sewing products. It is located in Nara.

We work as the same Amirisu team, but each of us has been building our own independent stores when the time was right, so we've never done anything together as a joint venture until now. However, recently, we've had more and more customers at our stores say things like, "I live in the Kanto region, but I came to Kyoto on vacation!" or "I'm going to Nara next time!" We've learned that they've been touring our stores in Kyoto, Tokyo, and Nara, so we thought, "Let's do something fun!" and decided to hold a joint event.

Yes. We are starting a 3-store stamp rally!

This sheet is available at each store.
You can get a stamp even if you don't make a purchase, so please feel free to ask a member of staff.
There is no deadline.
Once you collect all three stamps, you will receive an original needle gauge as a gift.
We are currently working hard on the needle gauges, each one handmade in our Nara studio. They are so cute, so please give them a try.

In fact, there was a comment in the company that "Because it's Kyoto, Tokyo, and Nara. It's impossible to clear it so quickly," but even though it has just started, it seems that there are already several customers who have reached the goal. I wonder if they came for a trip during this consecutive holidays.

Each store has a different color, so you might discover something new. Perhaps it's the magic of travel, but I often hear people say, "I ended up choosing a color I wouldn't normally choose."

Have fun and get yourself a needle gauge.
We look forward to your visit!