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Completed! Warm shawl knitted with Flutter

March 07, 2023



The Meandering Shawl that Tokuko was knitting has been completed.
In the blog in late January , she was enthusiastic about "I'll be able to wear it in early February!" but she have been so busy that it has been delayed. However, there are still chilly mornings and evenings, so I think she will be able to use it.

It is a two-color brioche shawl with a central zigzag, meandering line. It gives a  different look on the front and back.
Here is the side where the fluffy Flutter used as LC (light color) stands out.

On the other side, the Fingering and Sport weight yarns used as DC (dark color) are more visible. She changed the yarn for each section, so it was finished in a striped pattern.

It is recommended to use a combination of leftover yarns that you have on hand.

However, according to Tokuko, this side has an "insect-like finish." Come to think of it, there seems to be moths of this color...
So, it seems that the bugs are hidden (it's a waste!) and she will use it with the Flutter side up.

Blocking makes it bigger, and it's a size that's easy to wrap around your neck.

The recommended point is that it is very light because it is knitted with Flutter. Considering carrying around, I'm happy that it's light.
We have many colors of Flutter, for example, springy yellow, green, and pink. How would you like to knit in spring?


Detailed pattern: Meadering Shawl by Stephen West
Size: Small
Thread used: amirisu Flutter Handdyed Mulled Wine 3 skeins (Restocked!)
About 140g of Fingering and Sport Yarn
Needle used: US4 (3.5mm)

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