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How about a cup of tea like this while knitting? 04

August 21, 2020

編み物しながら、こんなお茶いかが? 04

While knitting, have a cup of tea.
We asked Mari Kawanishi to select " TE tea and eating " because we want everyone to enjoy it.
In Column 03 , we introduced the recommended way to enjoy summer, carbonated water.

This time, we will introduce the basic way to enjoy it slowly and for a long time by pouring hot water over and over again.
It is sold exclusively at the online shop , so please refer to this and enjoy it.

Enjoy the slowly changing flavors and aromas while knitting

The good thing about Chinese tea is that you can enjoy it for many years.
When we all get together to taste it, we brew it in a teapot,
Share the taste and aroma that changes with each brew.
We asked about the basic brewing method for the tea Mr. Kawanishi chose.

"When brewing in a teapot, use 5g of tea leaves and 200ml of hot water. With this, you can enjoy 6-7 infusions. Pour in hot water and enjoy the ever-changing aroma and taste. The important thing is that each infusion is one brewing. If you can't drink the whole cup at once, it's a good idea to transfer it to a pitcher.You can enjoy it for a long time, so I think it's a perfect accompaniment to knitting."

Put tea leaves into a warmed teapot and pour boiling water.

After steaming for about 1 minute, remove the lid and smell the aroma.

It's important to pour out each batch, so transfer it to a pitcher.

Pour from the pitcher into teacups. For the 2nd infusion, steam quickly, then for the 3rd and 4th infusions, gradually lengthen the steaming time and pour.

Chinese tea is very easy to make, as it can be added quickly with boiling water.
When you're alone, you can put the tea leaves and hot water directly into the mug and enjoy! This is even easier.

“Put 2.5g of tea leaves into a mug, which is half the amount of tea leaves used in a teapot, and pour hot water over it. However, the key is to keep drinking it deliciously.

It is important to warm the tea utensils before brewing the tea leaves, as the tea leaves will open when heated and the aroma will rise.
A small effort becomes deliciousness, and a space is born in the feeling.
Even if you don't have tea utensils for Chinese tea, you can use whatever you have on hand.
Once you wake up to the deliciousness, it's fun to collect the tea utensils.

This time, the tea that Mr. Kawanishi chose for amirisu to sell at the online shop,
20g of bunzan husk.
Enjoy it in a mug while knitting, or make it a sparkling tea on a hot day,
I would love to have a lot of taste.

Perfect for drinking and comparing
Bunzan Baotane, Touhou Bijin, and Mari Hakuryuju are 3 types of sets, each containing 5g.
Whether you are a beginner or a Chinese tea lover, this is a set that you can easily enjoy.
Column 03 introduces the characteristics of each, so please check that out as well.

Mr. Kawanishi also runs Chinese tea classes.
If you have the chance, by all means, use it as an opportunity to learn about the profound world of Chinese tea!

TE tea and eating
Mari Kawanishi
He is widely active through tea and food, such as holding tea parties and classes centered on Taiwanese and Chinese tea, selling tea, developing original tea products, and presiding over FANTASTIC MARKET (graf). Preparing online shop. Check the schedule on Instagram.

Editor & Writer
Aki Miyashita
I live in Kyoto and work as an editor and writer.
Editor of amirisu's free magazine "yomirisu".

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