November 25, 2017

Woolfolk is here!

08:36 Meri : I succeeded in feeding bananas today

08:38 Tokuko : It's a late train today. because it's saturday I will contact you when I get on.

08:38 Tokuko : Congrats on the bananas!

08:42 Meri : Got it!

08:57 Tokuko : I got on. We are fully booked today.

08:57 Meri : Can you sit down?

08:58 Tokuko : I was able to sit down. are you OK.

08:58 Meri : All Woolfolk is finally here!

08:59 Tokuko : It's been a long road.

08:59 Meri : Why did it take so long! You must have been busy.

09:00 Tokuko : Maybe. It's something everyone asks for. from all over the world.

09:01 Meri : I've already knitted with Får this year, but next time I want to knit with Luft

09:02 Meri : I can't forget the turtle sweater that the owner Kristin randomly knitted. Was cute

09:02 Tokuko : It's a light and atmospheric thread. It's just a knit and it's nice enough.

09:02 Meri : Yes. It was just a normal sweater.

09:03 Tokuko : Kristin likes simple things. So, even if you knit it normally, you're making a nice thread.

09:04 Meri : Yeah. A simple crew neck or knitting looks the best, doesn't it?

09:05 Tokuko : The newly introduced TOV DK is just such a thread.

09:05 Meri : I want you to knit a normal sweater and a pique scarf

09:05 Tokuko : I'm sure if you knit a normal sweater, if you look at it, the yarn will be amazing! Look twice.

09:05 Tokuko : I see.

09:06 Meri : Because it's a yarn nerd.

09:07 Tokuko : It wasn't like that in the past. It has completely transformed into material.

09:07 Meri : It's work, isn't it?

09:07 Tokuko : Every day I just look at the details of the yarn.

09:08 Tokuko : The previous TOV was thick, but this time it's DK , so I think I can knit something with a neat style.

09:09 Meri : Perfect for cable knitting, of course

09:09 Meri : This is our favorite yarn maker for yarn geeks. Please touch it once at the shop!