July 04, 2019

Sparrow Fair

09:56 Tokuko: I got on

10:03 Meri: I was tidying up. I can't keep up with the child's messy pace by cleaning up a little at night, so today is a work from home day while cleaning up.

10:04 Tokuko: But you've gotten used to your new house and it's gotten easier.

10:05 Meri: Well, except for the toys spawning on the floor anyway.

10:06 Tokuko: It can't be helped.

10:06 Meri: So today is the Sparrow Fair?

10:07 Tokuko: You're starting in Tokyo this Saturday.

10:08 Meri: The day after tomorrow.

10:08 Meri: The online shop has been selling kits since yesterday

10:08 Tokuko: Yes, online shop first! Sparrow is a thread that we have been dealing with since the opening of our store.

10:09 Tokuko: It's so good

10:09 Meri: Every time I see it every summer, I'm blown away by how good it is.

10:09 Tokuko: I guess it's the coloring. And that luster.

10:10 Meri: I knit a lot. Full of your favorite colors!

10:10 Tokuko: It just creates a nice atmosphere. When we knit.

10:11 Meri: Oh yeah. And although it looks similar to Scandinavian linen, I've never seen the softness of Sparrow anywhere else.

10:11 Meri: I think that's why it's easier to line up

10:12 Tokuko: It's easy to knit. While taking pictures, everyone said, "It's really good!" We argued.

10:12 Meri: Comfortable too!

10:12 Tokuko: It's cool, so I can go in the middle of summer.

10:13 Meri: If you put a jacket or cardigan on top of it, you'll be active for a long time until around October.

10:14 Tokuko: We have lots of samples at the fair. This time, I also borrowed from the head family.

10:15 Meri: After Tokyo, Kyoto. Please try on the real thing.