August 15, 2017

Introducing Meridian

19:48 Tokuko: Today is a day where Meri, who is returning from summer vacation, and Tokuko, who will be on vacation from tomorrow, intersect.

19:48 Meri: It was a quick day

19:48 Meri: We've sold a lot

19:49 Tokuko: Lots of new threads have arrived. Nothing to do with Obon!

19:49 Meri: You were supposed to come in July.

19:50 Meri: Thanks for all your hard work during my break

19:50 Tokuko: No no. Thank you for your family service. When it comes to hand dyeing, it's hard to predict when it will come.

19:51 Meri: It's kind of undecided

19:51 Tokuko: As a payment clerk, I am frustrated.

19:52 Meri: Today we launched the first shipment of Anzula yarn

19:52 Tokuko: Meridian yarn with Tencel. Perfect for lace patterns.

19:53 Meri: I think the knitted fabric comes out evenly and beautifully

19:54 Tokuko: Personally, I think a circular shawl would be good.

19:55 Meri: I think Rock Island or something like Damask would be good too

19:55 Meri: The colors are beautiful!

19:56 Tokuko: A long time ago, shawls with intense lace patterns were popular, and I knitted them quite a lot.

19:56 Tokuko: It would have been great if I had this thread back then.

19:56 Meri: It was trendy

19:57 Meri: It's light in the summer, but it's soft with alpaca, so you can go in the fall

19:57 Tokuko: You don't need moquemoke, do you? For those lace shawls. When you block it, there should be a clear hole.

19:58 Meri: Oh yeah.

19:59 Meri: Rather than single ply, I prefer a tightly twisted thread

19:59 Tokuko: It may finally be time to knit Damask.

20:00 Meri: Fun guaranteed. Oh, why did I give it to you?

20:00 Tokuko: Who did you give it to?

20:01 Meri: Relative. I used to have a lot of time to knit.

20:01 Tokuko: I put up most of my shawls too. to my family.

20:01 Meri: The magazine was twice a year too.

20:02 Meri: I have to knit again

20:02 Tokuko: Let me tell you, you made it three times.

20:02 Meri: Yes. Reluctantly.

20:03 Meri: Ambition to return to twice a year someday.

20:03 Tokuko: It must be hard. During my summer vacation, try not to escape from reality and work hard.

20:03 Meri: I'll do my best...

20:04 Meri: Starting tomorrow, I'll write like a demon

20:04 Tokuko: I'm rooting for you.