August 28, 2019

Joji Fair

14:29 Tokuko: It's been a long time since I've done this. After summer vacation, we are busy with magazines.

14:30 Meri: Long time no see.

14:30 Tokuko: I will do my best next week. The manuscript! The pattern is almost finished.

14:32 Meri: This time the bottom is fixed, so I'm in a pinch

14:33 Tokuko: That's better. Because I can do my best. Staring at the calendar.

14:34 Tokuko: Well, the store is of course business as usual. It's starting to feel like autumn, everyone!

14:34 Meri: It's pretty cool. I think long sleeves will be fine soon

14:34 Meri: I want a cardigan

14:35 Tokuko: The first fair in autumn is Joji. The story finally came together.

14:36 ​​Meri: Lots of nice patterns!

14:36 ​​Tokuko: I'm sure you'll be overwhelmed with so many things you want to knit.

14:37 Meri: From classic popular patterns to recent ones, we will pick up and introduce

14:37 Tokuko: Joji lives in Argentina. You used to be a doctor.

14:38 Meri: wow, it seems like knitting math is easier than it was in med school

14:39 Tokuko: You must be good with numbers. As long as I envy you.

14:40 Meri: Really. She said she was beautiful and good at knitting.

14:40 Tokuko: I'm always impressed by the patterns, even though my native language is not English. A technique of wisdom! Highly recommended for top-down beginners.

14:41 Meri: I'm obsessed with mohair cardigans

14:42 Tokuko: I have that sample. That's cute, isn't it?

14:42 Meri: Simple but good

14:42 Tokuko: Starting this Friday at the Tokyo store. Of course we also have a kit at the online shop.

14:42 Tokuko: Please come and visit us.

14:43 Meri: We are waiting for you!