June 19, 2019

continue moving

09:47 Meri: You're heading to Osaka today, aren't you? We move a lot these days.

09:48 Tokuko: I'm not taking lessons in Tokyo this month, but instead I'm going to Fukuoka and Kamakura.

09:49 Meri: I went to Nara last week. But is Tokuko nearby?

09:49 Tokuko: Welcome home! It's like.

09:50 Meri: I'm kind of rereading Kano's book

09:52 Tokuko: People living in Nara may not realize it, but it's a very nice place.

09:53 Meri: I wonder if it feels even better when you come in from the outside. All the Nara people I met recently were immigrants.

09:54 Meri: I'm going to see an exhibition in Osaka today.

09:54 Tokuko: It's your first time going to an exhibition in Japan!

09:55 Meri: Excited. how does it feel

09:55 Tokuko: I hope you find a nice thread.

09:55 Meri: Already looking forward to autumn