December 04, 2018

after the fair

09:13 Tokuko: On the weekend, the Kyoto store was extremely hot, with a group from Australia and eri and Ririko visiting.

09:14 Meri: I think it was about 30 at one point. It was a big crowd.

09:14 Meri: Thank you to everyone who came!

09:14 Tokuko: A video of the conversation with the two designers will be available later for a fee, so please look forward to it!

09:15 Meri: That was fun

09:15 Tokuko: The dinner afterwards was pretty lively, too.

09:16 Tokuko: I ended up staying until after 9:00. there.

09:16 Meri: Each designer has a lot of troubles.

09:16 Meri: I got home around 8:30.

09:17 Tokuko: We don't have many opportunities to talk about such things. It's a professional matter.

09:18 Meri: Oh yeah. Come to think of it, it's interesting that it all started with Ravelry.

09:18 Tokuko: Ririko, especially since you've been on Ravelry since the same time as us.

09:18 Tokuko: It was nostalgic

09:19 Meri: We've known each other since the early days of amirisu. I'm happy to be active now

09:20 Tokuko: Please watch the video for a detailed story. It will be up by the end of this week!

09:20 Meri: Stay tuned!