September 28, 2018

move again

09:23 Tokuko: We're finally moving in the clear autumn weather.

09:24 Meri: Second time this month

09:24 Tokuko: I'm a life mover.

09:25 Meri: Really

09:25 Meri: Tokuko pulled me into a new life

09:25 Tokuko: No, it's my fault.

09:26 Tokuko: I'd like to think that we won't be moving stores for a while.

09:26 Meri: Second time in the store.

09:27 Meri: It won't be long before I move to Tokyo and Kyoto

09:27 Tokuko: I want to go home early, to my store.

09:27 Meri: One more day of patience.

09:27 Tokuko: The chairs aren't good either.

09:28 Meri: Mysterious music is a joke

09:28 Tokuko: The song that plays at lunch sounds like a dentist's waiting room.

09:29 Meri: oh shit

09:29 Tokuko: See you later!

09:29 Meri: yes