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event in the middle of the night

September 14, 2018

09:41 Meri: oh my pot broke

09:42 Tokuko: Yes. at midnight.

09:44 Meri: Did you hear it?

09:46 Tokuko: I was ignoring the loud noise that woke me up.

09:47 Tokuko: I thought it was dangerous because I was playing with something broken, so I got up and cleaned it up.

09:47 Meri: And it's funny because it has a black cat drawn on it

09:47 Meri: maybe fate

09:47 Tokuko: That's the cup the teachers gave me when I left elementary school in Shizuoka.

09:48 Meri: Huh, did they both break?

09:48 Tokuko: Yes. pot and cup.

09:49 Meri: Sorry. But above all, no injuries

09:49 Tokuko: I think I probably tried to jump into an open cupboard by chance and failed.

09:50 Tokuko: I don't think he thought it was bad either. Hide when I get off

09:50 Meri: Right. Recently, I also learned how to climb a sewing machine. dangerous sewing tools

09:51 Tokuko: Oh, it's dangerous. You do it in ways you never thought possible.

09:51 Meri: We're running out of safe places

09:52 Meri: I thought Sue could open the sliding door too

09:52 Tokuko: It wasn't a sliding door, it was a pull type, but it opened because it was light.

09:53 Tokuko: We are also reconsidering.

09:54 Meri: Really. I feel like something like a baby guard can be easily opened. what will everyone do

09:54 Tokuko: Well, I'm glad I bought a new pot.

09:55 Meri: Right. buy a good one

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