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August 07, 2018

09:24 Tokuko: I can do it

09:35 Meri: Hey

09:36 Meri: Did you get some rest yesterday?

09:37 Tokuko: I woke up slowly in the morning. I went to nails and watched a movie.

09:37 Meri: That's nice. what did you see?

09:38 Tokuko: It's definitely Jurassic World.

09:38 Meri: Oh yeah. Was funny?

09:39 Tokuko: I'm happy to see so many dinosaurs. I saw it in IMAX.

09:39 Meri: More than anything. I want to watch Oceans8 and MI:6.

09:40 Tokuko: MI doesn't look too scary. Well, Jurassic World is scary too.

09:41 Meri: Scary but different. It was very popular among my family.

09:42 Tokuko: It was an evening show, so the movie theater was pretty empty.

09:43 Meri: I envy you. Will I be able to do it again in 10 years?

09:44 Tokuko: You can go when you're about five years old!

09:44 Meri: At the cinema. But I'm sure you'll see Doraemon or Kamen Rider.

09:45 Tokuko: I'll take care of you again.

09:45 Meri: Yes, you can deposit it. I miss the days when I watched two movies at the cinema every week. Well, I can't help it.

09:45 Meri: Say hello when the time comes

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