June 30, 2018

missed the train

09:12 Meri: I missed the Shinkansen. Today's trip is possible because I'm on a different flight than Tokuko.

09:13 Tokuko: It's not an airplane, so it's fine.

09:13 Tokuko: No big deal.

09:15 Meri: Easy change. Or rather, I thought it was the next flight without permission. whatever. I'll make it in time.

09:15 Meri: I bought ajari mochi!

09:16 Tokuko: From next time onwards, I'll try to tell you the time to ride once in the morning.

09:16 Meri: I'm sorry for going that far...

09:17 Tokuko: I'm good at it. But it always annoys me that people think I'm more of an artist.

09:18 Meri: Okay. It's completely the opposite

09:19 Tokuko: There are parts where I wonder if I'm doing something wrong. Aren't they the same? In general, there are two people who are not suitable for office workers.

09:20 Meri: Exactly. The current shape suits you. Good for us.

09:21 Meri: Two people who are positive even if they miss the train (laughs)

09:22 Tokuko: Yes, we compliment each other all the time. Because no one will compliment you. when he becomes president.

09:23 Meri: Well, I get a lot of encouragement from customers and students!

09:23 Meri: Lucky

09:23 Tokuko: Right. I get encouragement. I am always grateful for your help!

09:24 Meri: Today I want to say it's time to renew your supporters club

09:25 Tokuko: Is it already that time?

09:25 Meri: Yes

09:26 Tokuko: The free shipping coupon is a substantial advantage, but there are also limited sales and limited product sales.

09:26 Meri: Please continue to support us

09:26 Tokuko: Starting this time, I'm also planning to start a limited Instagram! I'm sure it will be fun.

09:27 Meri: I think that if you make full use of it, you can get more than enough, but beyond that, they are special customers to us.

09:28 Meri: I think we'll be doing an event this fall, so please look forward to that too.

09:29 Tokuko: Right! I hope it goes well. Stay tuned for the announcement!