June 22, 2018

mountain crumbles

13:45 Tokuko: I got on the train

13:48 Meri: yes

13:49 Meri: I'm cleaning my desk today

13:49 Tokuko: Will that mountain finally collapse?

13:50 Meri: It's a magazine I haven't read most of

13:50 Tokuko: There's a mountain separating me and Meri's desk.

13:51 Meri: No more, suddenly the view got better and it felt like we were on top of the Yosemite mountains

13:51 Meri: I can see far

13:51 Tokuko: It's fun. What good have you unearthed?

13:52 Meri: Found an application form for deferred payment of pension

13:53 Tokuko: Weren't you looking for that?

13:53 Meri: It was on order

13:54 Meri: Well, paying for a month or two doesn't make much of a difference in the amount you get.

13:54 Tokuko: That's good. My desk is mostly tidy.

13:54 Meri: That's right.

13:55 Tokuko: But I still have some work to do with the punch needle.

13:56 Tokuko: Recently, my PC seems to be working well, so I don't have much time to wait. I will not proceed.

13:57 Meri: The heavy work is over

13:58 Meri: Speaking of punch needles, we have a prospect of selling cloth and tools as a kit. I'll let you know when it's decided specifically again!

13:58 Tokuko: Yay

13:59 Tokuko: You were looking forward to it, weren't you? with everyone.

14:00 Meri: The cloth has already arrived, so I think I'll sell it first. Some people already have needles

14:00 Tokuko: Let's finish ourselves before selling. I'm thinking about finishing it as a cushion.

14:01 Tokuko: Look forward to the sale!